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Dr. Doug Hunt

Technical Director

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My experience and knowledge combines a deep understanding of Data Science, Machine Learning (AI) and wearable sports technology. Lately I have developed wearable sports coaching technology, my recent PhD used Machine Learning (AI) and Data Science techniques to analyse large spatio-temporal data-sets and my longer term background is as a CTO and IT Manager.

I take pride in maintaining my considerable hands-on technology skills as a Programmer in R, Python, Java and C/Assembler. My wider skills include: Technology Management; Communicating complex ideas in an understandable way; Service Delivery management; Data Science; Project management; Product management and Business Analysis.

I am an experienced and engaging presenter and writer. I am also experienced in information analysis, process design and optimisation; data management; Agile software development; and sales. I have recent experience in entrepreneurial start-ups and the design, development & implementation of wearable devices.