Codoc Software Services Ltd is a New Zealand registered company that was incorporated on 11th September, 1980. Initially Codoc developed commercial and Accounting software for clients and this role is obviously reflected in “Software” part of its name. However, Codoc quickly branched out into other areas of computing. The late 1980’s saw Codoc importing and selling hardware and software that enabled PC’s to operate more effectively with Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) systems. During this period Codoc had a NZ wide client base that included many of the top companies at that time and Codoc had a strong reputation for delivering technical expertise and service along with its products.

Technology, markets and customers changed and in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s Codoc went back to its roots and designed and created some of the earliest trading systems that worked across the Internet. During this period Codoc’s main clients were in NZ and Malaysia. The World Trade Centre tragedy in 2001 and the dot-com crash 2000-2002 saw Codoc’s main customers go out of business or change focus and Codoc changed focus as well.

During the early 2000’s Codoc moved more towards contract IT project management, consultancy and contract IT sales. In 2002 Codoc recognised the oportunity for wearable compting devices and wearable sensors but at that time the technology for wearables was not sufficiently developed to progress into commercial products. However, prototype products comprised of made-from-scratch hardware and software were built and progressively improved. By around 2005 Codoc could see that Wearable technologies were capable of developing into commercial products and set about researching this area in more detail. During 2008 Codoc personnel spent eight months in Sweden as part of this research phase. From 2009 through 2017 Codoc deepened this research by developing innovative Data Science and Machine Learning techniques and models that utilised data from wearable sensors within a Sports coaching context, back in Auckland, NZ.

Codoc’s latest chapter involves expanding its Data Science skillset to help customers achieve a deeper knowledge of their customers requirements and to add features to existing commercial products.

Dr. Doug Hunt.
Technical Director
Codoc Software Services Ltd